thread So having a travel week

I can't decide if it's a feat of organisation to get them all to line up correctly with direct flights, or some sort of stupidity to try.

But doing it at the start of the Easter holidays was not a great idea.
permalink I've realised that in view of unionist/republican sensitivity it should be

Which is just more confusing.
permalink It is
in that it makes Glasgow/Edinburgh look like two options for the same place, depending on your sectarian predilictions
permalink Well it depends on which bit of each...

If angle brackets don't break the board

permalink .

permalink Well
you had some time on your hands.
permalink My brain seems to forget that going to bed is a key component of getting to sleep
I shall be tucked up early tonight.. probably.
permalink I did the same,
I got side tracked watching Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which is definitely not worth staying up another hour for.
permalink I've just realised it looks like I'm on some sort of
Brexit flashpoint tour as well
permalink Our work coffee machine is broken.
I borrowed a double sized reusable coffee cup from the cupboard and bought a coffee from Pret, and they filled it right up. It seems that double the caffeine = double the rage.
permalink RAWR!!!
permalink Someone's stolen my bowl.
Given the pain and architect induced mood I'm in, I may have to kill.
permalink I am now imagining
You and Amy on a gorilla Vs mothra style rampage around clerkenwell... People running around screaming.
permalink Clerkenwell is soooooo last year darling.
My desk overlooks Old St Roundabout these days. Hipsters as far as the eye can see.

It's a good vantage point up here, I saw a Ferrari, driven by a cunt, get a satisfyingly nasty scrape from a bus a few months ago.
permalink A Ferrari, driven by a cunt?
Isn't that a given and therefore unnecessary repetition?
permalink This.
But he was especially cuntish, in that he got out and started shouting at the bus he'd just cut up. People pointed and laughed, a couple of coppers wandered up and pointed to the side of the road, and he was forced to get back in and pull over out of the way. Sadly the bus was also forced to pull over, and people had to get off and get on another while both drivers spoke to the polis. Much was the arm waving by said cunt, while the bus driver stood there with his arms folded, and passers by who'd seen what happened spoke to them too, presumably telling the law that said cunt had driven like a cunt. I had to go into a meeting, but I'm told it went on for another 15 - 20 minutes, before both drivers were waved on by the cops. Hopefully, when the accident report went to said cunt's insurance company, and they saw that it was in fact his fault, they told him to fuck off.
permalink That's a display
of absolute top-end cuntery
permalink my missus is in London today
If you seen a grumpy looking woman threatening buskers on the Piccadilly Line, it might be her or it might just be the normal commuters.

I'm going to Vienna in a few weeks. I'll have an afternoon free to look at the wheel thing in the Prater and have a sachertorte.
permalink Hmmm sachertort
I had schnitzel from the canteen for lunch... M&Ms for the flight and I'll either get the bus into Edinburgh for dinner or eat at the hotel by herriott watt.

I am not sure why I am telling you this.

permalink I'm not sure what DMA's is
But there are a lot of chilly looking kids queueing up outside the usher hall who look like they should have brought jackets... Or at least long sleeved crop tops.

/Feeling old
permalink I like the idea of a long sleeve crop top
For those very unusual circumstances where your arms are cold, but your stomach is really hot
permalink I find Sarchertorte highly overrated.
Generally the more Hungarian the name, the better. God I love Esterhazyschnitte.

Also, tafelspitz for dinner if you can manage it.
permalink belss you
permalink I've got a couple of hours
might give them all a go
permalink Whilst I do like using the overnight ferry
Being woken with a cheery whistling tune and the words"good morning, the time is now five thirty" is not so civilised
permalink I left Eve (now approaching 3 years old) watching Cbeebies Bedtime Stories
and went to the loo.

I come back down and she's watching Bing. So I said "did you change it to Bing or did it just come one?"

She said "I pointed to it and it came on!"

Thanks autoplay :D
permalink I am in Paris with minilluminator and the Spaniard
Which is alternately fun and frustrating.
permalink Go to bercy
See if this is open

permalink Well at 35minutes airborne
Today was probably my shortest commercial flight.. Southend to Amsterdam may be close run but it also involves a 15minute taxi to the terminal so is disqualified.

They even served drinks and a tunnocks caramel wafer.

permalink Oddly,
we were talking about short commercial flights at work today. I've done 40 mins from Casablanca to Fez, and something similar from Damascus to Amman, but one of the guys has done one in the Orkneys that was less than 3 mins.
permalink Dublin-Shannon
was always fun, and usually about 20-25 minutes (DUB-SNN anyway). I've done lots of shorter hops than that, often 5 min or less, but usually in helicopters on fieldwork.

Off to Nelson* tomorrow, and that again, is usually about 20 min. But is on a different island. Which if you drove-took ferry-drove, would take about 6 hours.


permalink I've never been in a helicopter.
We were offered a free sightseeing trip on one in Cuba, but we turned it down, on account of the chopper being an ageing Soviet one, probably the Mil-8, that looked utterly unsound, and had liquid dripping from it. I wonder if it's still flying.
permalink Mil-8s are great fun to fly on!
Although I suspect that the one I flew on was likely aggressively disassembled not long afterwards.

The people flying choppers tend not to like dying, so it would probably have been OK.

Most of my choppering has been in much less glamorous Bell 206s or 222s. Still bloody good fun though. I miss all of that.
permalink Just found a thread on Tripadvisor about it.
Apparently, it was damaged on the ground by Hurricane Ike in 2008 (4 years after we were there), and repaired, then was wrecked after it came down in a banana plantation a couple of weeks later, though no one was killed.
permalink That Orkney one is famous for being the shortest
as far as I know.
permalink Yeah,
I've just asked him, it's Westray to Papa Westray and is indeed the UK's shortest commercial flight. Its record is 57 seconds, apparently.
permalink Or you can get a ferry,
if it's a Tuesday or a Friday.