thread I am now imagining
You and Amy on a gorilla Vs mothra style rampage around clerkenwell... People running around screaming.
permalink Clerkenwell is soooooo last year darling.
My desk overlooks Old St Roundabout these days. Hipsters as far as the eye can see.

It's a good vantage point up here, I saw a Ferrari, driven by a cunt, get a satisfyingly nasty scrape from a bus a few months ago.
permalink A Ferrari, driven by a cunt?
Isn't that a given and therefore unnecessary repetition?
permalink This.
But he was especially cuntish, in that he got out and started shouting at the bus he'd just cut up. People pointed and laughed, a couple of coppers wandered up and pointed to the side of the road, and he was forced to get back in and pull over out of the way. Sadly the bus was also forced to pull over, and people had to get off and get on another while both drivers spoke to the polis. Much was the arm waving by said cunt, while the bus driver stood there with his arms folded, and passers by who'd seen what happened spoke to them too, presumably telling the law that said cunt had driven like a cunt. I had to go into a meeting, but I'm told it went on for another 15 - 20 minutes, before both drivers were waved on by the cops. Hopefully, when the accident report went to said cunt's insurance company, and they saw that it was in fact his fault, they told him to fuck off.
permalink That's a display
of absolute top-end cuntery