thread my missus is in London today
If you seen a grumpy looking woman threatening buskers on the Piccadilly Line, it might be her or it might just be the normal commuters.

I'm going to Vienna in a few weeks. I'll have an afternoon free to look at the wheel thing in the Prater and have a sachertorte.
permalink Hmmm sachertort
I had schnitzel from the canteen for lunch... M&Ms for the flight and I'll either get the bus into Edinburgh for dinner or eat at the hotel by herriott watt.

I am not sure why I am telling you this.

permalink I'm not sure what DMA's is
But there are a lot of chilly looking kids queueing up outside the usher hall who look like they should have brought jackets... Or at least long sleeved crop tops.

/Feeling old
permalink I like the idea of a long sleeve crop top
For those very unusual circumstances where your arms are cold, but your stomach is really hot
permalink I find Sarchertorte highly overrated.
Generally the more Hungarian the name, the better. God I love Esterhazyschnitte.

Also, tafelspitz for dinner if you can manage it.
permalink belss you
permalink I've got a couple of hours
might give them all a go