thread Fuck's sake, people can be *such* cunts.
The newish woman to our team, a Pole, 20 or so, quite meek, with English that can best be described as 'coming along', just came over to my desk and told me some of the guys in my team, two English, one American and a Dane with excellent English, told her to come over to my desk and ask me what bukakke is. I looked over to see them all grouped at one of their desks giggling, obviously thinking I’d be up for a laugh too. I told her they were just having a silly joke, it was just a daft word that meant nothing, then called them all into a meeting room and read them the riot act. I told them quietly and without my usual swearing if they ever did anything like that again, I'd have them all reported for sexual harassment, with a recommendation that they all had their contracts terminated immediately.

Fucking sniggering little CUNTS.
permalink I'm sure they're calling you a cunt too
but well done nonetheless.
permalink I care not one jot
what they think. It is abusive behaviour, and it is intolerable.

I have to work with one of them this afternoon, which should be fun.
permalink So I made it uncomfortable for him
while we sat across from each other at a table, picking holes in his engineering, sketching and handwriting, and breathing lunchtime curry all over him. At the end he apologised again for being cuntish earlier, and I accepted it with a brief nod.
permalink but what is it?
or should i just google it?

permalink Google it,
especially if you’re at work and everyone can see your screen.
permalink The cat doesn't need
that kind of education.
permalink Fucks sake
Are they frigging 12?
permalink Mental age, yes.
And they didn't like it when I told them that.
permalink Twats
And well handled
permalink I resisted the temptation
to be unprofessionally rude to them.
permalink The view is much better
From the moral high ground!