thread I've never been in a helicopter.
We were offered a free sightseeing trip on one in Cuba, but we turned it down, on account of the chopper being an ageing Soviet one, probably the Mil-8, that looked utterly unsound, and had liquid dripping from it. I wonder if it's still flying.
permalink Mil-8s are great fun to fly on!
Although I suspect that the one I flew on was likely aggressively disassembled not long afterwards.

The people flying choppers tend not to like dying, so it would probably have been OK.

Most of my choppering has been in much less glamorous Bell 206s or 222s. Still bloody good fun though. I miss all of that.
permalink Just found a thread on Tripadvisor about it.
Apparently, it was damaged on the ground by Hurricane Ike in 2008 (4 years after we were there), and repaired, then was wrecked after it came down in a banana plantation a couple of weeks later, though no one was killed.