thread Train back to London from Edinburgh this morning
This must be THE most knackered train left in the LNER fleet. It's really fucked.

One of the ones where the seats only come up to neck height. Loads of bits broken too, including several seats that are visibly not vertical anymore.

There's a guy a couple of rows in front of me whose seat is visibly tilted to the left by about 20 degrees. If he falls asleep he'll probably tip off into the aisle.

Bring on the fucking Azumas. They should be paying us to travel in this shitheap.
permalink i forgot you were up there
we should have attempted a beer with sickboy on tuesday night when i was staying over.

permalink Ah... I was in Paris at that point.
permalink I just had to get really pedantic with an interior designer
doing some meccano themed mural and tell them that gear teeth are not square.

but in doing so i found this rather fun site


permalink Fuck's sake.
That is ALL teh lovely.
permalink I'm wondering if I can be bothered to
Spell my name in gears.
permalink Do this.
Do it now.
permalink 5th wedding anniversary (blimey)
we have been up a bit of The Lakes and now for a night's stay at a local pub/microbrewery

tomorrow we shall be in Cowjam's old stationery-wrangling grounds
permalink Well, we had a very nice weekend in Nelson
Ran around a lake, which was both very cold and very hard, but good fun. Great to catch up with some friends and meet some cool new folks. Lots of good beer and good food and plenty of sunshine.

Today, I will mostly be examining a Ph.D. thesis which, as ever, I have left to the last minute.
permalink We got passed by an Azuma yesterday
while Geocaching in the woods near the ECML. Looked very sleek and speedy. I took an InterCity 225 back to Yorkshire from London a few weeks back though, and I do still prefer the "no rumbly things under the floor" setup...
permalink Azuma?
permalink +1
permalink electric motors under the floor
tends to be OK. The ones with diesel engines will only fire those up when they run out of wires
permalink True.
I am looking forward to my first Azume experience. I don't remember the Javelins being too rumbly, at least on the "north of Ashford" bit.
permalink Unless they've improved on the GWR
versions of the azuma they're going to be fucking awful.
permalink they are
exactly the same as the GWR ones with a slightly different interior layout
permalink in what sense?
permalink Seats made of hardwood covered
in sackcloth mostly, also the socket is right between the seats which is slightly awks. I do like the little roof-based indicators which tell you when a seat isn't booked though, much better than the new LNER e-ink displays.