thread You don't see the phrase
"Passionately swiss" very often, but it is the way this movenpick hotel (in münster) has chosen to describe itself.

There is a fair bit of chocolate around though
permalink Mövenpick hotel?
I thought they made ice cream?

In other news, whilst I realise those of this parish may not be mad into their kickball, can I just say, fucking hell Liverpool!
permalink What occurred?
The score looks normal but everyone's talking about it.
permalink Pretty unusual to be 0-3 down from the first leg
and win 4-0.

And that's sportsball!
permalink And an excellent result for Spurs too.
An all England Final to look forward to.
permalink and if arsenal & chelsea do the business
that'll be another all 'england' final.. weird shit
permalink and 'weird shit'
came to pass..
permalink It was quite a game.
One of my Spanish colleagues, a *huge* Barca fan, spent much of yesterday telling the Liverpool fans how they were going to get a right shoeing last night, but rang in sick this morning.
permalink Ha ha
permalink camden was full of the supporters of the team playing chelsea
they'd hired routemasters too and were having a right knees up
permalink They do
They also have hotels for no apparent reason
permalink I'm not meant to talk about it, but a Spaniard who some of us know, especially me... works for that club in their sponsorship/paretnership/marketing office in London.

Most of her office is hungover to fuck today.
permalink Why aren't you
meant to talk about it?
permalink Well, she's not meant to.
All sorts of crazy confidentiality stuff in her contract!
permalink Tottenham, currently, less so
permalink It's a funny old game
eh, Brian?
permalink blimey
I turned off at halftime.
permalink I had it on silent at h/t
Watching a YouTube video and looked up just as they scored
Superb game.. both of them.
And the other teams were given rests inbetween games whereas the English lot were still battling for place.. so true grit specially spuds who have been crap away from home.
permalink I was up late working, skipped the gym working
and have just agreed to work on Saturday.

On the other hand, the sparrows and blackbirds are super happy with the shitty weather.
permalink Today I was in a room which had
210000 shower trays and bathtubs in it.

It was very disconcerting... There was also a few 1000 tonne presses, robots and a bunch furnaces.

But I had to talk about shower trays quite a lot.
permalink I for one
welcome our new robotic shower tray overlords
permalink They all seemed keen to cover you in glass particles
And hang you in a moving hook to drag you through an oven at 850 degrees
permalink I bet there was some good
flange action
permalink Hot flanges
at that!
permalink the "leaked" version of
Detective Pikachu may be one the best things everr?
permalink classy
permalink I've watched the first half
saving the rest for later
permalink I just came up in the lift to my office on the 4th floor
with someone who talking on his mobile about the interview he's off to with Adobe up on the 8th. Trouble is, he *stinks* of last night's alcohol, heavily overlaid with stale tobacco. He clearly had an excellent evening last night...
permalink 4th floor?
Were you burdened with luggage lazy sod :)
permalink Nah,
I'm hobbling around on a fucked knee. Tendinopathy, torn left medial meniscus and fissured cartilage. Stairs *hurt*
permalink Also, Danny Baker, what the *fuck* was he thinking?
I don't believe for a second that Baker is racist, but doing something like that shows a special level of stupid.
permalink jebus they're had another kid!
yeah that was pretty dumb.. it should have been a tick*

bugger on the knee front.. hope it heals ok.. that's the last thing you need
especially when you get older and weirder like scoff you'll be wanting to take up marathons..

*I just found out not only can you get limes disease from them but also an allergic reaction to red meat!
permalink Yeah, ticks are right little bastards
In other news, commentards below the line on the Grauniad do make me 4rf sometimes. In response to the following pretentious comment (on a Fat White Family article):

"They finessed their aesthetic of taking extreme rightwing philosophy and symbolism and then parodying it from a staunchly leftist perspective in order to comment on austerity Britain and dysfunctional relationships.'"

Bucks Fizz were doing this back in the 1980's.
permalink I have had more and more extreme reactions
to red meat in recent years, culminating in a fucking awful gastric attack on the 30th of December last year in Naples after a fillet steak. Nearly shat myself, creased with pain, fucking *awful* it was. Last time I ate meat.

In related news, if you like good authentic Mexican food, go to Lupita on Commercial rd. We went there tonight, and had a lovely selection of tacos and burritos and tostadas; shredded molé beef for herself, tuna and cod for me, great avocado salads with fiery mango dressing for both of us. Really fucking nice it was, and not stupidly expensive, given the wine and beer consumed too - £46 for the two of us.
permalink Lupita is great.
And rather reasonable.
permalink It also has a table for 20 down the side.
And we have a team night out coming up, with a £25/head budget.
permalink you might want to get checked out.. there maybe other knock on effects like
knee spazziness (you never know)
most doctors apparently don't know to look for it.. Alpha Gal is the hormone that your body reacts against
effects different people different ways but really bad you can't eat dairy or shellfish either
permalink quite
as a Millwall fan he should be very familiar with the use of"monkey" as a racist insult