thread I have had more and more extreme reactions
to red meat in recent years, culminating in a fucking awful gastric attack on the 30th of December last year in Naples after a fillet steak. Nearly shat myself, creased with pain, fucking *awful* it was. Last time I ate meat.

In related news, if you like good authentic Mexican food, go to Lupita on Commercial rd. We went there tonight, and had a lovely selection of tacos and burritos and tostadas; shredded molé beef for herself, tuna and cod for me, great avocado salads with fiery mango dressing for both of us. Really fucking nice it was, and not stupidly expensive, given the wine and beer consumed too - £46 for the two of us.
permalink Lupita is great.
And rather reasonable.
permalink It also has a table for 20 down the side.
And we have a team night out coming up, with a £25/head budget.
permalink you might want to get checked out.. there maybe other knock on effects like
knee spazziness (you never know)
most doctors apparently don't know to look for it.. Alpha Gal is the hormone that your body reacts against
effects different people different ways but really bad you can't eat dairy or shellfish either