thread I am looking for recommendations.
I'm going through a heavy rock biography phase - Lemmy, Keith Richards, Nick Kent (Apathy for the Devil is an excellent title), Lionel Bart, Mick Fleetwood, Beastie Boys, Viv Albertine, John Lydon, Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner - and am about to finish the Freddie Mercury one. The Stephen Morris one is next up, but after that, are there any others the hive mind thinks I should read?

AQ - doing anything over the weekend?

Edit - 'heavy rock biography' doesn't mean biographies of heavy rockers, btw...
permalink I'm led to believe
the Joe Strummer one is good, but I haven't read it.

I'm sitting at an airport, flight's delayed. If I ever get home I'm going to sleep all weekend.
permalink i once read the led zepp one
(brian appleyard i think) it was interesting.

permalink Yeah,
Hammer of the Gods. Very good.
permalink no idea but you've reminded me of this
permalink He put more work into writing that post
than I did into reading it.
permalink Sounds excruciating.
I won't be buying it.

Though it is available on Amazon:-
permalink This is great
permalink As is this
permalink Ooh ta.
Used to love them. Saw them a couple of times, they were bloody good live.
permalink Also,
I once won a signed copy of one of their albums with a silly pun on typography; Serif Fatman by Carter the Unstoppable Fax Machine
permalink if you're going indie
Luke Haines' first one is good if you're a fan.
permalink Ooh yeah.
permalink Also,
I done made another mix, innit:- https://djflereimsahos...
permalink did anyone make a giro league?
permalink I totally forgot about that annoyingl
permalink ditto
anyway, today would likely have involved much swearing