thread Also... on a stunning sunny day in the Norfolk Broads...
Jiva got married.

As the best man’s designated speech giver toasted... “to new beginnings”!

It’s lovely. Witchy, me and Bea, Batsgirl and Stevie representing the B3ta/4rthur/C4mbodia massive. Embodying all your love, we are!
permalink Awwwwwwwwwww!
Please give the happy couple big hugs from me!
permalink I like this
Good for me
permalink What a fecking awesome day,
boosted by Sean's speech about killer whales searching for their soulmate during the ceremony, proper laugh there :D
permalink It was utterly splendid all round, wasn't it?
I am now in the Concorde Room at T5, awaiting my Dubai flight... having been upgraded from Business to First for some reason. Not complaining! Wish it wasn't an overnight flight though.
permalink oo nice.
i guess you cant turn up smashed.
permalink Turning up wankered at a meeting at 9am would not go down well.
Thursday on the way back is a different story of course...
permalink Quite lidderally
a flying visit.
permalink Congrats Jive and Dave!
permalink As someone excellently commented on BaceFook
You're my wife now Dave!