thread You can always turn it down.
My friend did a great interview for her perfect job last week, and spent Sunday telling me the many reasons she should turn it down.
permalink it's a great job, civil service
so it has things like a decent pension and benefits, flexible working, career development tracks etc and all that sort of crazy stuff you seem to have in the real world, unlike the clusterfuck of academia that I wouldn't even really call a career

so it's like a grown up decision thing I don't want to have to make, research is fun but utterly dysfunctional
permalink fucking hell
don't tell my missus, who works for the Home Office, that's what it's like!
permalink this is ONS/International Development
who (relatively speaking) seem to have their shit together

Home Office sounds terrifying
permalink they're a fucking shambles
International Development sounds good, lots of backhanders from shady despots?
permalink just tell them you don't know how escalators work
and you are unlikely to be offered the job
permalink I wasn't offered it anyway
so it's all good, crisis averted