thread Manley has just invited me to be buddies on LinkedIn
Where is he these days and how the fuck did any of you ever get hold of an email address of mine?

I blame c0wjam!
permalink Morning
permalink You'll have been suggested to him by linked in because of your algorithms
permalink I doubt if that's Manley's actual doing.
I got an invite from him some years ago, and he and I despise each other, and block each other on FB and Twitter.
permalink I think we're all LinkedIn chums
but I'm still not sure what it's for. Like Instagram. And rugby.
permalink I'm only Binary Dinosaurs
on Linkedin, it comes in handy for finding folk that worked on rare species of mine.
permalink Ah, so he still exists then?
Haven't heard owt from him since he flounced off BaceFook.

In other news, may I be the first to laugh at Leeds? Favourite comment so far; dirty Leeds, done dirt cheap!
permalink Such a pity.
But we lost it a couple of months ago. You can't win the Championship with one point games.
permalink yes, it is a terrible shame about Leeds
*muffled sniggering*