thread the first Gulf War is now closer in time to the Kennedy assassination than to the present day.

and less politically

the same amount of time has passed between the release of Blood Sugar Sex Magik (red hot chili papers) and the present day as between then and release of the Beatles' first album 'Please Please Me'
permalink Ha ha
we're well old now, innit
permalink I was born less than 20 years
after the end of WW2. Kennedy was still alive when I was born.
permalink That's cos you're really well old, innit
All the interesting Kennedys were gone by the time I turned up...
permalink Why I oughta...
...sit down and get my breath back.
permalink Hi
I'll be 36 a week tomorrow
permalink Fuck.
permalink This.
permalink are you being mean deliberately?
*cries into ibuprofen*
permalink haha
two regrettable occurrences and a couple of financial adventures that went astray..