thread Gah.
None of the huge list of work I need to get done before I go on holiday has done itself over the weekend. Poor show.
permalink I've been essentially marking time on a massive project
for months now as they don't know what they want, or how to do it and their partner company are being dicks. Every so often we have a catch up call and just move the Gantt chart back a month and I just pick up bits of interesting work that other people haven't got time to do, it's a rather agreeable way to work. Now the fuckers want me to do a load of work, all very unfair.
permalink Today I figured out that
I shook the hand of someone who shook the hand of someone who shook the hand of someone who shook the hand of Adolf Hitler.
permalink six degrees of sonderbehandlung
permalink Yikes!
permalink i think i could safely drop one of those degrees*
there are quite a lot of ex-nazis in australia

*but i'd never thought of it that way.. that's rather chilling
permalink Yup, know that feeling
Although we're not off on holiday till late July.

But we're coming to the end of the old world at the end of June, and a new brave world with totally different* research programmes. So the desire to tick things off is meh

*doing much the same stuff. Plus, many of the things we know we'll not finish have mysteriously turned up as tasks for the first year of the new programme. Wonder how that happened?
permalink And yesterday I went to a meeting, standing in for a colleague...
Where the main client, who has a fearsome reputation as a general bastard was expected to rip me apart.

"Ah, so you're the sacrificial lamb", one of the other guys said as I walked in.

In the end, I think I got off pretty lightly by being professional and constructive and honest. Once the guy had gone, everyone else seemed surprised that I'd got off so lightly...

Not the nicest afternoon ever.

permalink A guy I just called seems surprised that I am still alive.
permalink be careful
you might be getting lined up to take over the job, when the client requests you instead
permalink a rightful reputation
or just a prick?
permalink a rightful reputation... a prick.
permalink In a similar vein,
I haven't been offered any jobs. At this rate I'm going to have to actually apply for some.
permalink it's like they aren't psychic or something

permalink My current job came out of a conversation
and I was headhunted for the one before that.

permalink I can do you a couple of hours a week cleaning
just outside Cambridge, barely minimum wage.
permalink I believe that is
the normal process, yes
permalink Today here in Kioni
I saw a tourist information sign inviting people to "follow in the footsteps of Odysseus" and frankly no one has enough holiday for that.

Really quite agreeable here, barring the superyacht with the generator running. Didn't recognise the fatcat aboard, if anyone is able to find out who the actual owner of the company that owns "Renewal 2" is that would be good as I do prefer to know who I'm putting against the wall in the revolution.

He says from onboard a 40ft sailing yacht, on his second gin, having had a mojito and a small beer or two this afternoon.
permalink A cursory glance says Mr Norbert Janusz Ciemiega as of 2016
I haven't checked to see if there's someone newer.
permalink old Nobby?
permalink what a cunt
torpedo time me thinks or maybe send over a napalm laden raft
permalink I've been on holiday for nearly a week, with one more to go
it's been fun, but mostly fun in spite of the weather, and that looks like continuing

just back home from the Cairngorms/Perthshire, probably down to the Lakes next as it looks slightly less doom-laden down that way (and more to do if it is)
permalink have you been to lochan Uaine (green lake)?
somebody said the water was mildly poisonous.. i always thought it was a natural copper reaction
permalink copper compounds (especially sulphates ) are pretty toxic
permalink was there yesterday
I don't think there's copper in them thar hills (scoff?) and a lot of high-altitude lochans have interesting algae, so I think it's just that

I've seen plenty of people swimming in it, and I'd imagine if it was bad there'd be some kind of signage as it's a popular spot, with people picnicking on the beach
permalink especially since it's so accessible
I love the Cairngorms.
permalink Afraid a detailed knowledge of copper mineralisation
of the Highlands is beyond my ken...

Although there is lots of bits and bobs of mineralisation all round the Caledonides. I'd be surprised if there was enough in groundwater to turn a lake green though. And Cu is usually only a minor component generally
permalink cheers fellas!
permalink Aside from my utter disinterest in the game
my problem with watching football is that someone in the pub is always a total arsehole about it.

/Watching football
permalink I went to get a cup of tea in church this morning
and there were two scousers serving in the kitchen. "Did you see the match?" one asked. I said "No, I'm not into football." and then they talked football at me for ten minutes.
permalink And it being church
you had to be polite instead of walking away.
permalink in future just say it was a crap game
and neither deserved to win :)
permalink I had a horrible feeling that after the two greatest semis of all time
that the final was going to be a damp squid. And so it came to pass.

Plus, I wanted Liverpool to win the league. Would have preferred Spurs to win the CL. But not that bothered either way...