thread Today here in Kioni
I saw a tourist information sign inviting people to "follow in the footsteps of Odysseus" and frankly no one has enough holiday for that.

Really quite agreeable here, barring the superyacht with the generator running. Didn't recognise the fatcat aboard, if anyone is able to find out who the actual owner of the company that owns "Renewal 2" is that would be good as I do prefer to know who I'm putting against the wall in the revolution.

He says from onboard a 40ft sailing yacht, on his second gin, having had a mojito and a small beer or two this afternoon.
permalink A cursory glance says Mr Norbert Janusz Ciemiega as of 2016
I haven't checked to see if there's someone newer.
permalink old Nobby?
permalink what a cunt
torpedo time me thinks or maybe send over a napalm laden raft