thread I've been on holiday for nearly a week, with one more to go
it's been fun, but mostly fun in spite of the weather, and that looks like continuing

just back home from the Cairngorms/Perthshire, probably down to the Lakes next as it looks slightly less doom-laden down that way (and more to do if it is)
permalink have you been to lochan Uaine (green lake)?
somebody said the water was mildly poisonous.. i always thought it was a natural copper reaction
permalink copper compounds (especially sulphates ) are pretty toxic
permalink was there yesterday
I don't think there's copper in them thar hills (scoff?) and a lot of high-altitude lochans have interesting algae, so I think it's just that

I've seen plenty of people swimming in it, and I'd imagine if it was bad there'd be some kind of signage as it's a popular spot, with people picnicking on the beach
permalink especially since it's so accessible
I love the Cairngorms.
permalink Afraid a detailed knowledge of copper mineralisation
of the Highlands is beyond my ken...

Although there is lots of bits and bobs of mineralisation all round the Caledonides. I'd be surprised if there was enough in groundwater to turn a lake green though. And Cu is usually only a minor component generally
permalink cheers fellas!