thread Aside from my utter disinterest in the game
my problem with watching football is that someone in the pub is always a total arsehole about it.

/Watching football
permalink I went to get a cup of tea in church this morning
and there were two scousers serving in the kitchen. "Did you see the match?" one asked. I said "No, I'm not into football." and then they talked football at me for ten minutes.
permalink And it being church
you had to be polite instead of walking away.
permalink in future just say it was a crap game
and neither deserved to win :)
permalink I had a horrible feeling that after the two greatest semis of all time
that the final was going to be a damp squid. And so it came to pass.

Plus, I wanted Liverpool to win the league. Would have preferred Spurs to win the CL. But not that bothered either way...