thread So... do we like Good Omens? (those of us who care)
Yes we fucking do.
permalink what be happening?
i'm guessing you've seen that photo of the climbers lined up at the top of Everest.. have you gone climbing with JoS recently?
permalink JoS and I have failed to connect up for ages!
I was last up mountains just before Easter... whenit was a bit hairy, but less crowded than Everest. That's just become insane.
permalink shhh!
we are watching the first one tonight.

permalink I will broadcast no spoilers
other than to say that it's great. And lovely. And pretty much everything you could want it to be.
permalink ah a tv program..
i thought something had happened to trump..
permalink Yep, I liked it.
What I don't like is the horrendous reaction of my left arm to a bee sting yesterday afternoon. Swollen up like a shiny red football it is, just a fucking sea of pain, hand looks like a bunch of sausages, am only typing with my right hand. Gave me migraine style symptoms too; aches and sweats and blurred vision.

Still going to keep bees, mind. Just not mow the lawn when they're at their height of flying and foraging.
permalink As a TV luddite I believe
it's being shown on one of the mediums I don't have, so no. You're all about to tell me it's streamable though aren't you.
permalink It's on Amazon
permalink That costs money doesn't it?
Meh. I'll wait till it's on other things. I absolutely hate giving Bezos my hard earned, in the same way I do for Murdoch.
permalink you can get a month trial for free (sometimes when you're cancelling they offer you an extra month)
but the whole season is on PB so i just got it from there..
permalink PB?
permalink Prime
won't be on broadcast tele (BBC2 I think) until the autumn I think?
permalink Yes, yes we do
Got as far as episode 4 last night on our return home from Queen's birthday weekend away.
permalink I'm a few minutes into episode 1
A: Yes, this is excellent
B: I see why the misogynists and racists are upset by it. Upsetting them is a good thing
permalink They are?
Poor wickle snowflakes!

What's upsetting them? God being a woman?
permalink that's one
Adam & Eve being black has really fucking upset them too
permalink Excellent.
permalink Splendid
like, seriously good.

many many highlights, including eg the crucifixion. Yikes. That really did not hold back
permalink Not got to it yet
but it's certainly on my watch list.
permalink I thought it was really good
which is apparently better than great (in the UK)



TL:DR americans don't know what abysmal means... and think that "quite good" isn't an insult... though i think if they had had this in scotland "not bad" would have been significantly better.
permalink How does it compare to American Gods?
I didn't hear good things about that one.
permalink much better
american gods was really nicely shot and looked amazing, but we watched about 3 episodes and gave up because nothing had actually happened.
permalink A lot of American Gods is based in peoples' thoughts,
Good Omens isn't so much like that, plus they've found a way of narrating it to a certain extent.
permalink Plus the whole story
is just a lot less weird.
permalink Good Omens is better than American Gods,
but not quite as good as Preacher.
permalink Oo I disagree
I didn't get to the end of Preacher, the books are so much better.
permalink Yeah,
I loved the books. But the TV show is incredibly well cast and written and produced.
permalink Pity the final episode was so
anticlimactic. And had too many little epilogues. But overall, a very enjoyable watch.