thread At my brother-in-law's company
they pay for their own flights (he does 30+ a year) and get it back on expenses. This means they can rack up the Avios like nobody's business. Couple of years ago, he bought us flights to and from India, in Prem Ec on the way out and Business back, with his spare points.
permalink I get the Avios on my work flights
Avios go with the flyer not the booker, although there’s a parallel scheme whereby the company collects points as well.

We went to Japan and back in BA First on Avios. Paid most of this trip’s flights on Avios, but there wasn’t availability for redemption seats in business, and premium economy isn’t worth the points.

I’ve still got nearly half a million Avios left...
permalink I splurged a fuck load
on flights to Berlin, only got few thousand now. Still Bronze, just about.
permalink Only silver these days
I don’t travel anything like as much as I used to. My years of BA Gold are gone, I think.