thread If you see any beer by Tirril
drink it.
permalink there was some today
but I was driving

as we're in Coniston, most of what's on offer is from that brewery, plus Hawkshead, both of which aint bad at all

also very pleased by how many 3.*% bitters there are, which is in my opinion the best beer can be, but increasingly hard to find
permalink Tell me about it
Whilst there is lots of amazing craft beer being made here in NZ these days, everyone thinks 5-6% is weak standard beer. When I was in the UK, that was the strong stuff! Give us tasty* session beer at 3-4%!

*there are some weaker XPAs and the like these days, some OK, many just taste anaemic
permalink Landlord was being written up by some
well respected craft brewers as their favourite beer and has apparently had something of a renaissance which suits me perfectly, certainly in non-roasting weather.

See also: Sambrooks, ELB, Truman runner/swift and tribute.
permalink Timothy Taylor Landlord?
One of the best beers EVAR.
permalink indeed
I'm not sure there is or should be such a thing as a perfect beer, but when treated right, Landlord is possibly it
permalink in Yorkshire, mind
tastes wrong in London, even though that's probably psychosomatic
permalink I buy it in Waitrose.
So wrong it's right.
permalink Landlord is (used to be?) the benchmark for
how well a barkeep treated their cellar. Get a good pint of Timmys in the pub and that was a worthy pub to stick with.
permalink I never enjoyed landlord.
there are so many better beers available, almost invariably in the next tap along.
permalink Oh no... No no.... No... No....
No no .... Nope no...



permalink hahahaha