thread Having said that
I launched into a game and voice chat was on, and everyone was Arabic.
permalink hadn't realised it was tiered on mobile
on PC I won maybe 5 solo games ever out of hundreds

it's quite easy to get into the top 10, extremely difficult to win unless you play very aggressively and accummulate all the loot

as I say, I preferred squads as then you have 4 pairs of eyes, as opposed to twitching your way through the map alone worried that you're going to get instantly executed by a bush you overlooked (particularly when they had fog in the game, that was way too intense)
permalink though all games will soon be overshadowed
by the wonder of Untitled Goose Game
permalink Haha!
I wasn't expecting that
permalink Ha ha, splendid!
I don't normally play games, but I could probably hack being an awful goose
permalink My tactic so far has been
to bumble around to someone starts shouting at me then kill them. Until it's down to a small area, then sneak around.
permalink And in the