thread today i watched this video of an anvil floating in mercury

which spurred me to wonder how much mercury costs*.... which led me to an auto-generated website that also proported to sell red mercury... which means i'm probably on some sort of list now

£220 per kg ish
permalink For red mercury?
The Libyans charged me FAR more!


Edit I used to love chanel 4's Dispatches in the mid 90s, it was full of very serious nonsense like red mercury. I suspect its hate it now for the same reason.
permalink isn't red mercury one of those things that doesn't exist? like some sort of plutonium? and birds.
when I was at high school, we had a physics teacher that used to demonstrate something with a massive dish of mercury, like a 20cm pie dish full and he'd be up to his wrists in it. Mental old bastard. I'm pretty sure everyone knew it would kill you, even in the late 80s.

At £220/kg he could probably have retired on it if he'd lived that long.
permalink I'm pretty sure the vapour shouldn't be let loose around
Kids either.

It's a pretty bad for brains
permalink Given the main ore from which we get mercury
is cinnabar (HgS), which is very red in colour, I'd always assumed 'red mercury' was in some way a semi or unrefined ore thereof.

But it would seem not...
permalink I didn't know the term red mercury.
So I think this is what is meant to resonate with the Star Trek reboot's god awful "red matter" nonsense.

permalink On a Trekkie note
Just started watching Discovery last night, and it's surprisingly good. Once you get over the Klingons looking very different
permalink See now,
I hated Discovery. I found it dull as ditchwater, with waffer thin plotting and characterisation, unconvincing dialogue and piss poor acting.

Mind you, I watched an episode of Next Generation the other day, one I used to love, and found it ancient and clunky and boring.
permalink I have a theory
that because the format of most programmes has become so homogenised, it's now harder than it ever was to watch things from even 20 years ago, let alone 50. The pace of classics is so slow compared to now, but I sort of expect that - what I didn't expect was that I find Next Gen, Friends, SATC just dull. And my tolerance for rubbish is really high.