thread Every day is a school day
Today I learned that in women's clothes shops (well m&s and John Lewis)

They DONT put the socks next to the pants. In M&S they were next to the shoes.

Madness, pure madness.
permalink have you got small feet
a newly discovered predilection for hosiery
or were you shopping for someone else?
permalink Amy required foot coverage
I was in the shops
permalink so c)
permalink I happened to be in a tesco extra earlier
and noted that their ladies' socks are near the pants and bras

permalink Supermarkets are presumably
Slightly more logical
permalink I'm photographing a wedding tomorrow.
I have no idea what I'm doing.
permalink That said I've charged all the batteries
And emptied all the SD cards and have a two step ladder

I've only got one camera though.
permalink based on us hiring a photographer friend who had never done a wedding before
DO take pictures of people, wherever possible including the bride and groom
DON'T just take pictures of architectural details

to be fair, they are very nice pictures of architectural details, and a lovely way to remember the structural nooks of our special day
permalink Thank you.
Fortunately it's at my local parish church so I already have lots of photos of the architectural detail
permalink Bring a spare SD and swap it half way, in case it gets corripted
Make sure someone you know has a camera in case it goes wrong.

Bring a megaphone
permalink I don't have a megaphone
or a friend with a spare camera, though I do have a reasonable camera on my phone in case of emergency
permalink Narrow depth of field on a photo of the bride
Photo of the cake
And flowers
And auntie Betty

And any puppies that attend
permalink Well, it went.
I think I got some nice shots, I just hope there are enough nice ones in the 900 I took.
permalink Scoff mentioned the new star trek the other day
so I thought I'd try it.

I can't stand star trek star ship battles. I always thought them ridiculously slow and pathetic, but having read Ian M Banks since I last watched Star Trek it's so much worse.
permalink To be fair, I never said I thought the battles looked good
Just the cast was interesting* and seemed OK at first. Still think it's OK, getting quite dark though. But nothing compares to Iain M Banks

*Just for Jason Isaacs. Although disappointingly no Yorkshire accent like Death of Stalin
permalink Yeah, I'm still enjoying it
Thank you for reminding me about death of stalin, still not watched it
permalink Absolutely cracking fillum
Laughed like a loon throughout it, and Mr Isaacs in particular stole the show as Zhukov
permalink You reminded us too and we watched it last night
very enjoyable, albeit a little bit darker than we normally go for on a Sunday night.
permalink Yeah, that's a good one.
Managed to catch it in a German cinema, which wasn't easy.
permalink Izzat Start Trek: Disco?
the battle at the end of series 2 though woof...

Bloody hell that is an intense battle and everything I want from space based scraps.
permalink Star Trek: Disco?
I like the sound of that. They go to investigate a big shiny sparkly sphere in space and have a dance-off with the Klingons.
permalink ?
permalink Lovely!
permalink Almost exactly like that
permalink I'm in my last two days of work at this job
and I've been asked to transfer our website and email from one hosting company to another.

I talked about it with my line manager who then went off to talk to the guy with the company credit card, and he didn't get back to me. Then the guy with the card went on holiday, so it's all a bit last minute.

Then the card was a bit funny and dreamhost have asked for a picture of it with a few numbers obscured. Which is fine, but they're american and they don't seem to be awake yet. *waits*.
permalink Sounds like it is almost
not your problem to me...
permalink I got it all done