thread That said I've charged all the batteries
And emptied all the SD cards and have a two step ladder

I've only got one camera though.
permalink based on us hiring a photographer friend who had never done a wedding before
DO take pictures of people, wherever possible including the bride and groom
DON'T just take pictures of architectural details

to be fair, they are very nice pictures of architectural details, and a lovely way to remember the structural nooks of our special day
permalink Thank you.
Fortunately it's at my local parish church so I already have lots of photos of the architectural detail
permalink Bring a spare SD and swap it half way, in case it gets corripted
Make sure someone you know has a camera in case it goes wrong.

Bring a megaphone
permalink I don't have a megaphone
or a friend with a spare camera, though I do have a reasonable camera on my phone in case of emergency
permalink Narrow depth of field on a photo of the bride
Photo of the cake
And flowers
And auntie Betty

And any puppies that attend
permalink Well, it went.
I think I got some nice shots, I just hope there are enough nice ones in the 900 I took.