thread Scoff mentioned the new star trek the other day
so I thought I'd try it.

I can't stand star trek star ship battles. I always thought them ridiculously slow and pathetic, but having read Ian M Banks since I last watched Star Trek it's so much worse.
permalink To be fair, I never said I thought the battles looked good
Just the cast was interesting* and seemed OK at first. Still think it's OK, getting quite dark though. But nothing compares to Iain M Banks

*Just for Jason Isaacs. Although disappointingly no Yorkshire accent like Death of Stalin
permalink Yeah, I'm still enjoying it
Thank you for reminding me about death of stalin, still not watched it
permalink Absolutely cracking fillum
Laughed like a loon throughout it, and Mr Isaacs in particular stole the show as Zhukov
permalink You reminded us too and we watched it last night
very enjoyable, albeit a little bit darker than we normally go for on a Sunday night.
permalink Yeah, that's a good one.
Managed to catch it in a German cinema, which wasn't easy.
permalink Izzat Start Trek: Disco?
the battle at the end of series 2 though woof...

Bloody hell that is an intense battle and everything I want from space based scraps.
permalink Star Trek: Disco?
I like the sound of that. They go to investigate a big shiny sparkly sphere in space and have a dance-off with the Klingons.
permalink ?
permalink Lovely!
permalink Almost exactly like that