thread Fuck, this week is cunty.
Going on holiday carries a high price when I get back.

Fucking knackered.
permalink I've had a busy week, my mum is visiting and work has been busy
We are off to Eastbourne tennis tomorrow.

Btw would you be interested in some ladies finals tickets to wombledon?
permalink Anyone want Wimblybob tickets?
Centre court Saturday 13th July, gangway 519 row X, doubles and women's finals. £185 each.
permalink Oh.
It seems my husband has mentioned it.
permalink I think you should start a bidding war.
Someone should offer to buy them off Al for £175 a pop!
permalink That would be fun
But I think I'll be in Scotland, plus we've just spent lots of money on holiday...
permalink This week has been meh
And it's already fucking Thursday. Last few days of the financial year, so in theory, we should be running round on fire trying to finish shit off. Given the restructure, nobody seems to have any fucks to give.

I'm more worried that it's just over 2 weeks before my first ultramarathon.
permalink Finished my job today.
Interview tomorrow.
permalink that seems suitably efficient
did it go well or was their first question about why your Cover letter was addressed to "some bunch of monkey faced cunts"
permalink Or cunty faced monks
permalink It went well
but there was somebody better.

It appears I read the job description with my own bias and didn't over-egg my ability in certain areas (mainly PA stuff like diary management and minute taking). I'm not really interested in that kind of thing, beyond the whole not-having-a-job thing.
permalink I'm stuck in an airless windowless room
with a nigerian PhD student who literally spends 5 hours a day on the phone to his wife, while maintenance work is being carried out on the lift shaft on the opposite side of the wall I'm facing

I think this might be purgatory
permalink The heat wave was fun.
My office has no a/c (good for the planet I guess). A100m next to my window is the most amazing building site. Gigantic metal rods get rammed 40m deep into the earth trough the concrete ruins of an abandoned underpass.
Seeing all my workmates wear flip flops was fun though.
permalink isn't there a temperature where evryone gets to go home if it gets too hot?
at least you had a decent soundtrack going on..
permalink I think "measures" must be taken above 30°C
We got an USB ventilator the size of my palm and free ice cream.

Then again, thinking about the boss sitting in an office under the roof sweating even more makes it bearable.
And A/C is destroying the planet anyway isn't it? I just wished I could have opened the window and hear my own thoughts.