thread I went paddleboarding at Lowestoft
where the air temperature was only in the low-mid 20s. Also there was sea to get in.

I'm now back in Cambridge where it is warmer. Was an especial shock getting out the car, having had the aircon on.

Also via a comment on a post on the "Am I the Asshole" subreddit I have only just discovered that newmatt years ago curated a website detailing country by country whether you can flush loo paper or have to bin it. Why did I not know about this before?
permalink I did/do, it's almost 10 years old now
which reminds me that a bloke emailed about turning it into an app and I completely forgot to follow up with him.
permalink with EU subsidies greece and gozo must be
go for flush by now?
permalink I haven't looked at it in a year
I still get the odd email correcting me. One day I'll get me arse in gear and update it.
permalink maybe in bigger cities?
it was bins throughout the Ionian. Possibly Corfu town was flush
permalink coincidentally
someone just emailed me to ask what you do on Ireland.
permalink "throw it at protestants"
Was the reply?
permalink drink enough Guinness and it won't matter
permalink the fuck?
permalink I mean, I know the government/church
might have tried their damnedest to turn it into a thrid world country between the 30s-70s...but we did have plumbing