thread Sounds not unlike an Essex wedding we went to a few years ago.
One side was utterly TOWIE, they ignored, nay ostracized anyone who wasn't family or an in-law, while the Greek Cypriot side of the family kept themselves very much to themselves, having nothing to do with anyone at all, even the in-laws. We left after 90 minutes, after a bottle of white wine and a pint of crap ale set us back £31 at the pay bar, and the groom's brother literally told me to fuck off when I tried to have a chat with the bride, my friend from work. Fortunately, she left soon after.
permalink Left the marriage,
I hope
permalink Left the company,
though she's still friends with several colleagues on Facebook. But the general consensus is that once their youngest leaves the house she'll be leaving her husband. He's an utter cock, treats her like crap, shames her in public, he's just awful. At a works bash she brought him to he told a circle of people how she wouldn't shag him for a few months after she had her boob job on account of it being so painful bouncing up and down. Cringe making stuff.
permalink It wasn’t cunty like that...
... just deeply weird, incredibly tedious, and not particularly welcoming.