thread OK... get a load of this
permalink that is pretty special
we've got the spare room set up like that.
permalink I do hope you relaminate the floor
with your guest's names each time
permalink and make them dance up the stairs, taking about half an hour to get there.
permalink and the Bishop of Woolwich
is sitting on the windowsill
permalink And Alistair rubs dollar bills in your face.
While Amy harangues you on a PA system.
permalink Keep going...
permalink Are you close?
permalink Well, I was
But the moment has passed
permalink JFC, that's
tacky as fuck.
permalink On a scale of one to fuck me that's awful
Frankly, I broke the needle on my fuck-me-that's-awful-ometer
permalink You need a special high-range fuck-me-that's-awful-ometer
With overload protection.

And goggles.
permalink Or the set

I'm guessing.