thread Wigan is twinned with Angers.
I don't really know why, as much as I love Wigan it's not a patch on Angers.
permalink I don't think twinning works on a like-for-like basis
permalink Some sort of points-based system?
permalink Who knows, just the agreement of councils I guess.
Although it seems to be partly be to promote tourism, and I bet there aren't many tourists in Wigan.
permalink Isn't it mostly related to tourism...
where the tourists in question are councillors?
permalink Angers is also twinned with Osnabrück.
It's clearly just the best cities.
permalink I didn't know they were cheating on us
permalink That's usually how it works innit?
Osnabrück e,g is twinned with Derby and Tweer in Russia and Harlem in NL ans some town in Turkey and South Korea as well.