thread Beats.
Oh yes.


AQ - What's the last thing you cooked?
permalink we had a bbq yesterday
so it was over done pork belly... and a fry up this morning i guess.

though we are rocking the salads ar the moment with all the lettuce from the garden... and there will be raspberry jam next week.

permalink Nothing terribly exciting
Just a mahoosive pot of chilli last night, which did last night's dinner, along with a very nice sourdough baguette, and will do leftovers for Tues/Weds. And we finished off the beer we brought home from the beer festival we worked at on Saturday.
permalink campsite eggy bread
4 munros in 2 days for mrs meep's 40th, just home

my everything hurts
permalink Also
Noice mix...tracklisting would be cool

Had forgotten about that Dub Pistols cover of Rapture
permalink Don't normally do track listings.
But OK, I'll dig one out tonight and bosh it on.
permalink Here you go:-
S.O.S. (The Sounds Of Silence) - Trinity FM
Call It What You Want - Credit To The Nation
Rapture - Dub Pistols
Dirty Harry (Paul Mac Remix) - Gorillaz
Fire Up The Shoesaw Vocal Mix - Lionrock
Culture Move - Asian Dub Foundation
Song to the Siren - The Chemical Brothers
Rocket Into The Future - MC Cullah
Noah's Toilet - Coldcut
Aliens - DJ Mayhem and Mouthmaster Murf
Everyday Stranger - Dub Pistols
Steal My Sunshine (Sky Jump Club Edit) - Len
Bring It On - Stereo MCs
Milkshake - Kelis
Reflection - Massive Attack
100 times faster - Meat Beat Manifesto
You're No Good - Major Lazer
Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack
Solid Gold - International Pony
permalink Chur
permalink a chicken yesterday to use it up, basically Simon Hopkinson's recipe
but we ate out Friday and Saturday, then had lunch at the MIL's yesterday so it'll be whatever we eat tonight.

I cut my tongue on a boiled sweet yesterday, being old is dangerous.

Edit. Hopkinson, not Richardson, what an odd autocorrect.

Edit2. What we ate was cold stuff from the fridge, including some of the chicken, so that didn't help. Tonight is supposed to be puttanesca of some sort though.
permalink Hot, gingery stir-fry cabbage and rice
Was just alright.
permalink I made a *superb* chutney yesterday.
It really is utterly gorgeous, especially with cheese.

permalink I think I caught the very end of
Superb Chutney's set from the Park Stage the other night
permalink I saw Kylie singing
Especially With Cheese
permalink Nothing.
On Sunday a neighbour dropped by with take away, in the evening we had leftover soup and rolls (soup ingredients so from a real junk food project, as were the rolls).

Today I had a governors meeting which included a buffet lunch, then this evening just as I'd started with the hoovering I was invited for a bbq with some Libyans. It was awesome, they do some brilliant food including potato with a crispy coat stuffed with beef mince.
permalink My memory of Libyan food
is endless variations on goat, although to be fair, we were out in the middle of nowhere in the desert. Camel was nice though, in a slightly horsey sort of way
permalink I had camel sausage
at an extravagant Xmas Eve bash in Fez in Morocco some years ago. Fucking delicious it was. Yes, a bit horsey, but also a hint of goat.
permalink two of my favourite meats
i have to try this..
permalink It was very nice, as Pxy says, a slightly gamier horse
And not just cos we'd been on a steady diet of goat for a few weeks. One of the field crew had to make a dash back to town to grab some parts, and came back with some camel as a treat.
permalink been eating salad stuff of late though last week i cooked a full english
on a beach in kent with a DIY alcohol burner.. i was quite chuffed with that