thread Car help please
Our mid 90s Astra is nearing its end, and my mum has offered to buy us a car. Budget around 10k.

Thing is, we don't know what we want.
Either a little runaround for local driving that's dirt cheap to run, and we'll catch a train for long distance.
Or something comfortable for six people and kit like a hyundai i800, and we'll go on for locally and use that for proper journeys.
Or something between, like an estate.

Some help on what's good in one or more of those categories would be amazing.
permalink for £10k
you can get a decent spec, recent mondeo estate with acceptable mileage, that'll be good mpg, cheap to insure, cheapish to service, and and a straighforward, comfortable driveable car

and as boring as fuck
permalink haha
and the only car the top gear cunts all rated iirk

edit: how's the photography thing going?
permalink um, what photography thing?
permalink He's in the flat opposite photographing your every move
permalink Leg in a cast
and sat in a wheelchair?
permalink pretty much sums things up recently
though i'd kill for a room with a decent view..
permalink oh my reply didn't stick..
mistaken identity sorry
permalink just have a play on autotrader
move some sliders, pick a few makes
permalink Sounds like you don't really need a car.
Which public transport element would be more expensive?
permalink private jet probably
had to sell mine.. bloody brexit..
permalink ...

and one of these with the change
permalink 25% off too
permalink even if i won the lottery,
I thinkk this is about as high spec a bike i'd go for
a mere £5.5k

permalink really expensive bikes are quite ugly
I like this one https://www.evanscycle...
permalink i agree, though they usually look better in real life
i also dissaprove of the current trend for gumwall tyres on high end bikes

permalink I quite like the whitewalls
it's the frame curved round the back wheel I dislike most.
permalink Can't get my wife and kids on that
Though the volvo looks nice
permalink two of these?
permalink We've got a bike seat
that attaches to the back, but I don't ride a bike.
permalink I've had a V50 for years. Pretty much that exact model, except a couple of years newer.
Great car. Fuck you can fit a lot into it, but it's still parkable in sensible spaces, unlike one of the real Chelsea tractors.
permalink it's no help to you
but I'm eyeing up this bad boy
permalink rock and roll
are those irish plates?
permalink northern ireland, I think FZ = belfast
NI stuck to the old system while RoI and the rUK moved on, as is their way
permalink on further thought
having a blue car with belfast plates in Glasgow might not be a great plan
permalink A friend's just got one
and it's all right
permalink which is everything I want from a car
I shall buy a flat cap
and drive it everywhere at exactly 40
permalink the most time i spend in a skoda fabia
is when i'm being driven to a factory in poland... they never seem to go as slow as 40
permalink I like the look of this
eastern block meets boy racer aesthetic
permalink for 10k i'd pop over to france and get a citroen DS
with a bench seat in the front it'll fit 6 easy (and another 6 in the boot!)
or for a cheap run around a fiat 4x4 v1.0.. get some AT tyres on it and take to the hills!
the v2 isn't too bad either ;)
permalink We had a Fiat 500 MPW
which seated 7 (as long as 2 were children in the far back). Great car, until some dozy OAP pulled out onto a main road right in front of my pregnant partner.

Swapped up for a Seat Alhambra on the insurance, bit of a tank but great long distance drive.

I have a Skoda Citigo as a little run around (only 4 seater but drives like a dream).

Both basically VWs so pretty reliable.
permalink for about £10k
you can get a brand new Dacia Logan MCV, a small estate with a small petrol engine, air conditioning, built in sat nav, cruise control/speed limiter, bluetooth and DAB.

permalink I saw that online, it's tempting
but I think we're edging towards getting something big like a renault traffic. Having something big would be useful pretty frequently, and we don't really need a car for shopping.

Currently trying to find something in budget that's not got horrific mpg and didn't used to be a taxi.
permalink Minicab?!
permalink I've owned one for over a year
it is certainly a car. That is my review
permalink Now that's a glowing review
if ever I heard one!
permalink it's very hard to be enthusiastic about it
there's nothing wrong with it though,
permalink Dunno
something boring and safe would be my guess. We had a Corolla estate for many years, for precisely that reason. Which did the job fine, although we eventually upgraded to something nicer, that was actually 4WD, as we do do quite a bit of gravel road driving (less likely to be an issue in Wigan). And that is actually much more flipping comfortable too (a Subaru Outback)
permalink 10k seems a waste to spend on a car
how many cab rides/car hires is that? buy a tandem.. or if ickle cowjam is up for it a tridem (?) like 'The Goodies' had