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and one of these with the change
permalink 25% off too
permalink even if i won the lottery,
I thinkk this is about as high spec a bike i'd go for
a mere £5.5k

permalink really expensive bikes are quite ugly
I like this one https://www.evanscycle...
permalink i agree, though they usually look better in real life
i also dissaprove of the current trend for gumwall tyres on high end bikes

permalink I quite like the whitewalls
it's the frame curved round the back wheel I dislike most.
permalink Can't get my wife and kids on that
Though the volvo looks nice
permalink two of these?
permalink We've got a bike seat
that attaches to the back, but I don't ride a bike.
permalink I've had a V50 for years. Pretty much that exact model, except a couple of years newer.
Great car. Fuck you can fit a lot into it, but it's still parkable in sensible spaces, unlike one of the real Chelsea tractors.