thread Well.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a blast, isn’t it?

I thought it would be tricky and involve quite a lot of falling in to get the hang of, but minilluminator and I both cracked it in about a minute and a half, without anyone getting wet.
permalink We tried it in Mexico,
I fell in A LOT, but I do agree it was fun.
permalink How weird
One of my best mates tried it this week for the first time, she plans for it to be her main exercise after cycling to work. She also really enjoyed it (in Cambridge. Presumably warmer)
permalink There's a couple of friendly local
Facebook and WhatsApp groups if she's after people to paddle with, tips on good places to go
permalink She doesn't use social media
but I'll make her aware just in case.
permalink It’s been very pleasant here... almost certainly a touch colder, but fine
The loch is surprisingly warm.
permalink It's like surfing.
For Volvo drivers.
permalink It’s not like surfing
But it works for this Volvo driver... :)

Daughter loved it.
permalink People do surf them
Also they do white water rivers on them
permalink nutters
permalink the white water lot are insane
your head has an extra 6ft of acceleration before it bounces off the rocks
permalink yup, lots of fun
I've got an inflatable one of my own
permalink *resists incredible urge
to edit c_i's post*
permalink whatever
floats your goat

(I guess potentially not work safe)
permalink That pic has everything really!
permalink I'm in Girton
permalink hello from near there
permalink I was nearer there than yow
at 12:27, sadly I am no longer near there.
permalink I used to drive through Girton
on the way home. But not for a while...
permalink Anyone would think you'd gone
upside down!
permalink I drivey underneath it
at about 8, then again at about half 4, tomorrow I will cycle through it.
permalink I figured there were a few of you
round that way. It's quite nice.
permalink which bit were you in?
it's certainly quite posh. The big pub on the hill is nice.
permalink hello there
permalink I stared at every cyclists.
None of them were you.
permalink I do go through Girton Corner
on the way to work. But not, usually, on the way home
permalink I worked in Girton in 97/98,
and once had sex in a car park there.
permalink they don't put that in the tourist brochures
permalink Yeah they do.
Just not very good ones.
permalink the dogging corespondent
for the local paper is, last time anyone heard, suspended awaiting trial for possession of cocaine.
permalink Funny you should
mention nose candy...
permalink even its name has a rough northern sexual suggestion to it
gir ton girt-on guurTonne
permalink I was hoping to try some SUPping in Fiji
But the last place we stopped, sadly the swell was a bit fierce for that sort of carry on.

Did have my first kayak in years, which was great fun, although Mrs C had a few issues that made it more exciting than it needed to be
permalink Oh yes,
how was Fiji?
permalink It's a fuji actually, not a fiji
it's nice and blueish green and the 40mm tires were very good on the tow paths and th dry forest paths..

am i talking about my new bike too much?
permalink Fiji was very nice, thanks
Lots of hot sunshine, great snorkelling and top food. Not sure what the main island (Viti Levu) is like as a whole, but the Yasawa Islands where we mostly were, are very very lovely