thread I just found some old app on my PC
was using 11gb of HD space and with a bit more ruthless deleting of shit i now have 25 free Gb on my laptop which makes me very happy as it'd been bumping along at nearly full (it's a paltry 120gb SSD)

that, and a pleasant ride on my new bike... not a bad day.

What minor nonsense cheered you up recently.
permalink Turning on my Out of Office notice
made me giggle with glee.

Off to Korea tomorrow!
permalink this, from the popbitch newsletter
permalink old skool
permalink I've been doing some Augmented Dickey-Fuller
which is my favourite named statistical test, along with the Box-Cox Transformation and Grubb's Outlier

in fact, I'm going to start a microbrewery where all the ales are named after statistical tests
permalink I like this.
Good for me.
permalink Doing the Ring of Steall solo yesterday
An epic mountain day in the Mamores, near Fort William. Steep ascents, amazing ridges, a bit of scrambling, horrible descent at the end. About 5,500ft of ascent and descent.

Sore legs today.

Very satisfying as I bailed out of it in winter conditions with some other guys - and having now seen what comes after the point we bailed, I'm bloody glad we did!
permalink i'm guessing ickle_I wasn't with
sounds awesome.. any pics?
do you use micro spikes or full on crampons?
you might like this guy (american over the topness but has some interesting tips) he can be funny

the midge situation looks terrible around fort williams (sorry to go on about it.. want to go up there around mid-sept)
apparently sweden has midges half the size of the scotish ones so noseeum doesn't work! arrgggh!
permalink Pics on instagram (Iain.ruxton)
I’ll see if I can get some up elsewhere.

No spikes needed at this time of year but in the winter I use C1 crampons - you need boots rigid enough... my Scarpa Marmolada Pros are the nearest I’ve ever found to an all-round boot. Micro spikes are not appropriate for any serious mountain winter environments. They’re for not slipping on the way to the pub.

Midges will be gone by mid sept. Ideal time of year given good weather!