thread Hello to you all from Seoul.
That’s about it really.

Except the makgeolli is really nice.
permalink Kimchi.
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permalink Fuck yeah.
With every meal. Love it.
permalink must make some more soon
it may lead to divorce (for both manufacturing and digestive reasons) but it's worth it
permalink haha
i thought it helped with digestion..
permalink Maybe it helps
Just a bit too much.

Better out than in, right?
permalink *quack*
permalink Was the journey in from the airport particularly funky?
Were you perhaps, on a Seoul train?
permalink Yes.
Also, we are in Northern Seoul.

Beergasm - (noun) When it’s 38 degrees and 80% humidity, and you have your first beer of the day, usually at about 16:55, and there’s an intense shiver that goes right through you when you take that first monster swig of ice cold Pilsener. Local craft beer, obvs.

Like in Japan in recent years, the craft beer movement is going very well here now. Google for ‘artmonster seoul’ to see where we’ve been necking beer the last couple of evenings. Excellent place.

But also, Makgeolli. Considered to be an old gits’ drink, I really like it.
permalink you re on holiday and wait until 16.55 for your first drink of the day?
are you getting up at 3pm or something?
permalink A beer at lunch doesn’t count as a drink.
permalink makgeolli looks bloody dreadful
but then you drink alcoholic lassi.. bloody weirdo
permalink We had bhang lassi* in Jaipur.
Now that was a weird evening. Went to bed stoned out of my face, became convinced Kali, the multi armed god of death, was standing over me, turned the light on, it was my shirt, hanging on a chair. Nearly died laughing.

*Lovely fruity yoghurt drink liberally laced with viciously powerful hashish
permalink That just sounds like a particularly horrible
Bestial porn tribute to an old kids TV favourite