thread right but
punny do not disturb hangers are awful
permalink awwww.

i doubt it'll make it to the actual room... more just want to put something with the brand logo in the sample room to keep the brand people happy... and they are americans so it's advanced humour to them.
permalink keep it simple and straight forward I say
no misunderstanding
permalink "Sshhhh... I'm trying to think of a pun for this door hanger"
Go a bit meta
permalink I do believe
you're not invited so Alistair can do what he wants?
permalink see you've got a roundabout quote in the CEN again
you'll get a reputation.
permalink at least it's not a letter
from the usual three or four tedious arseholes constantly arguing about brexit/labour/tories via the letters page.

Or Deborah Roberts being an arse.

Or Richard fucking Spendlove, sending the missves he sends to his facebook fan page (content mainly: racist, islamophobic and anti-semitic memes) with yet another dreary tale of how everything was better in the 50s and 60s.
permalink When men say it was better any time in the past
I always wonder if its because of things that are now illegal. Like marital rape, 16 year old page 3 girls, etc
permalink women knew their place
there weren't as many brown people around, those damn poofs kept their mouths shut of they knew what was good for them, etc.
permalink don't start on the crack
permalink well heroin was legal
and whoever says it was better had no power/influence at the time