thread Let us sleep, it's been coco-nuts this week.
Who was it taking about stats the other day?

I've just been introduced to bootstrapping.
permalink now just write it in Python
describe yourself as an ML specialist and get paid €€€
permalink fucking hell, I don't know/care what it means
I just type the words
permalink that's the beauty of ML
from VeryComplicatedLibraryMadeBySomeoneMuchClevererThanMe import bootstrap


permalink someone just tried to explain the logic of using an IPCW Cox model
he might as well have been speaking to a cat for all the good it did him.
permalink assert dominance by making up your own model
'I understand your thinking but wouldn't the Gremblefunk-Schlossinger Matrix be more suited to the underlying distribution? I mean, you're the expert, but that would seem the better idea given the third-order skew of the residuals?'

and they'll try and save face by pretending they've heard of it

NB: this doesn't work on the 1 in 100 stats people who aren't winging it