thread I have 45kg of baking potatoes
and 32 dozen eggs
and 20kg of wholewheat noodles

The eggs go out of date on 20th, the potatoes need eating too.

Any interesting ideas?

Add it stands I'll be freezing the eggs (shelled and blended), baking the potatoes and freezing the man I make from them and doing something with the skins depending what else I can lay my hands on.

Edit: I also have 10kg of BBQ sauce, but like the noodles it doesn't need eating quickly
permalink Have you got a food bank or community kitchen in the area?
Or a shelter that might want them?
permalink There's no immediate need for this stuff in this area
and whatever we're doing with it will be used to combat holiday hunger over the next few weeks.

Edit: this came via our local junk food project. The eggs are fine for use but can't go on the outlets as they're at their display until date. Everything else is excess, we took what we can probably use but there were stacks more of everything.
permalink I imagine you could freeze the skins separately and chuck them in the oven for potato skins
although you can, it seems, also freeze baked potatoes whole. You could grate them and make rostis to freeze. Tortilla would use eggs and potato, and can apparently also be frozen. The internet tells me you can freeze pancake batter too.
permalink Thank you
permalink eggy noodle potatoes
noodle-baked potato eggs
potato & egg noodles
permalink World rec9rd for largest Spanish omelette in wigan

I think you can also freeze scrambled egg.

Of the spuds are in sacks and were note over clean you can just jeep them... especially if you can find some sand.
permalink They're washed and in boxes.
permalink The world's largest

Not sure about the noodles, although I wouldn't have thought noodles really went off. Not for a long time, anyway
permalink time to by a dehydrator
just add water scrambled eggs is very handy