thread Oh shit.

permalink Indeed.
permalink fun, isn't it?
I'm going to head into town to shout at things
permalink You live in Glasgow though
Thats basically standard protocol
permalink whyafudginbasta

*coughing fit*
permalink 'ou lookin at PAL??!??!!
permalink Nah, NTSC
permalink Sorry mate
that joke just doesn't scan
permalink It's so dead, needs CRT
permalink Beta
try harder.
permalink yeah
entire network offline at work due to malware attack.
permalink Nice.
I'm in holiday.
permalink I imagine our IT guys
all wished they were today
permalink are you coming to HMHB on Friday?
permalink on the basis that I'd missed that
that was the rearranged date and I've got a ticket to something in London instead, erm, no
permalink fair enough
Have fun in the Londons
permalink it's total wanker level stuff
a live show at the podcast fest of The The One Show Show
permalink wait
what?! Friday Biscuit?
permalink yeah, the rearranged date from April
Junction on Friday
permalink I must attend.
Of course, the next day is the Retro Weekend at the computer museum where I'll be stooding up for 10 hours per day so naturally I need to bop to some Scousers the night before :D
permalink Careful
calling the Wirralese Scousers, mind you!
permalink jolly good
I'll see you there.
permalink Sadly, on this occasion
I will not be making the trip from NZ
permalink you've got a week's notice
what more do you need?!
permalink Considerably more
annual leave would be a start
permalink Huzzah!
permalink Of course, after today's surprise
visit to Sheffield my appearance tomorrow is now more in doubt. Fucksocks.
permalink bloody South Yorkshire
I'll be there all things being equal, although I'm waiting on final confirmation of times as Emma is doing something after school (I'll admit I wasn't listening when she told me what 6 weeks ago and it's too late to tell her I can't remember what it is now).
permalink Have a bop for me,
I still need to pack the car, remember stuff I've forgotten and have a bath, eat etc. Possibly in that order!
permalink yeah, don't eat in the bath
For those who need to know, play date at Phoebe's was the reason.
permalink Well it's nice to have that cleared up.
Oddly the Junction website doesn't mention the gig, does but just says 'rescheduled' and has no other info. Wonder if there's any tickets left on the door...
permalink I'm 99% it's happening
there's loads of old blokes in Achtung Bono shirts knocking about. In stage at 2030 by the look of it.
permalink thinking about it
I think the box office closes at 6 or something daft, so that might be why the website is no use.
permalink "limited amount on the door"
permalink Bah. I've taken my shoes off now so
I'm *in*. Couldn't get there until gone 9 anyhoo. Ta for checking though!
permalink that's a great cut off
shoes off, not going back on. You'd look out of place, no old blokes with beards anywhere.
permalink Bob Wilson to start
permalink Is Jim Rosenthal
permalink good mix of stuff
Loads of new, plenty of v old. Not much in the middle, but fun. Stuck on a train with really tedious fuckers now.
permalink Must admit I haven't listened to 'hedge' as much
as I should've done, I blame getting into comedy podcasts. Hope you survived the tedious fuckers!
permalink This.
/takes to drink
permalink Quite. LOLitics, eh?
Been a bit quiet round 'ere.

Funny week.
permalink well this is all
jolly splendid isn't it. Democracy eh, who needs it.
permalink That little cunt Cummings now basically runs the country.
permalink I'm currently working at the Scottish Government
I was asking about increased likelihood of being redeployed given yesterday's events (i.e. all the contingency plans in place for what will be done to manage no deal) and was basically told that, right now, the number one priority is to carry on completely normally and demonstrate what a properly functioning government in a democratic state looks like.
permalink Take some pictures to show your grand children
permalink look! this is me doing a spreadsheet
back when we had things called data and evidence

now go and finish your turnip or you'll not be allowed any cabbage for pudding
permalink la la la lalalalalalalal cant hear any news la la la

as a sop to distract the masses: more time has passed since Pulp Fiction came out than had passed between that time and Saturday Night Fever being released.

permalink Hit me baby one more time
Would be old enough to stand for parliament if it were a person.
permalink It couldn't be much worse than the current lot
Am I right?

permalink News just in that after the latest cabinet reshuffle
Firestarter by the Prodigy has been made Home Secretary and
The Drugs Don't Work by the Verve has taken over as health secretary
permalink careful
or you'll be schools minister