thread So this spanish cycling nonsense eh?
Amy is currently leading the charge. And I have scraped myself out of the bottohm of the league. But I am cautiously optimistic.... that I won't be last.

Aq. Most surprising element? Magnesium is the third most commonly used structural metal.
permalink my reign ended
with the departure of both Krusjiqijkskcjkk and Uran

also I got Miguel Angel Lopez confused with Luis Leon Sanchez

AQ: bismuth!
permalink I have made the same mistake in the past
Bismuth looks bonkers
permalink Bismuth does form some very cool crystals
permalink This.
permalink good god it was mad nonsense yesterday
did like the bit where all pictures were lost and when they were recovered everything had changed
permalink also after yesterday's stage
Valverde is currently at 666 points, which seems right
permalink I've been on holiday so am trying to catch up
but it might just be easier to ignore it and hope it goes away.

Nitrogen doesn't get the attention it deserves. It's so stable that artificially making useful compounds is extremely difficult, but nature does it relatively easily.
permalink AQ: hippos
Luckily, he knew first aid and was able to seal the wounds in my chest with the wrapper from a tray of snacks, which almost certainly stopped my lungs from collapsing and saved my life.


permalink I wonder what the melting point of hippo is?
. I just had a salt beef bagel from brick lane for lunch as I cycled down under the pretext of buying a new bike bell.

It was great... I should have bought 2.
permalink I certainly never covered snack wrappers
in my Brownies first aid course.
permalink ps. jealous
permalink Jesus fucking christ.
"time passes very slowly when you're in a hippo's mouth."
permalink PS - Al/Amy
We must have a beer soon.. I have a bag of Canadian cat madness for you...
permalink oh yes, good point.
we are up in haggisland next weekend, (watching the tour of britain come into Kirkcudbright if meepmeep is heading down that way?)

could do a midweek pint perhaps?
permalink Sometime next week should work...
Stay in touch.
permalink indeed.
I dont think i've got anything booked.

permalink This week is a mess
Next week less so.
permalink Holy fuck
I nearly spat my coffee out at that bit.
permalink well this slightly melted my mind.

off to find some paperclips.
permalink My Granddad
had a whole shedload of those sort of tricks. Paperclips, paper, bits of string, pencils. I loved them.
permalink I'm jus glad
that with everything on fire at work, I'm 99% confident that it is neither my fault nor going to affect me longterm
permalink I am happy to vent
on socials dm, but nowhere else

but good fucking lord
permalink Where are you working now?
permalink Conservative Party
central office?
permalink He said "not his fault"
permalink I'm now chair of governors at my local primary school.
I fired someone on my first day.

Today I've been interviewing, same tomorrow.

I'm knackered.
permalink Good tactic, get in there, throw your weight around
Show them who's boss...

Get some gang tattoos and pick out a pretty boy as a cell mate
permalink Yeah, I took out the biggest one
and today I've installed two of my own lackeys.
permalink Everybody canceled today so no interviewing
which means I can go to my eight hour long induction at currys.
permalink 8 hours on an induction hob
permalink Would you like broadband with that?
permalink Occasionally I'm given a personalised cake
from Costco because it was ordered and not collected.

I think this is a great premise for a tv series.

Each episode there's a cake that gets chucked out, then it flags back to the story of what Dylan did that meant he didn't get his 16th birthday cake, for example.
permalink This week on
The Costco Cake Capers...
permalink You could get guest writers and directors.
Tonight's episode was written by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, and was directed by Guillermo del Torro.
permalink I really hope at
some point you get a Monkey Faced Cake.
permalink You're my cake now
permalink And in tonight's episode,
directed by Chris Morris, the Cake isn't quite what anybody thought it would be.
permalink it's a made up tv show.
permalink I'm now interested in the back story
to why Costco just give you cake. I take it this is a charity thing rather than an "in" with the bakery team?
permalink Yeah, it's a charity thing.
It's part of the Wigan junk food initiative - food is given to local organisations instead of being sent to landfill. Costco stuff goes to a vicar's wife, and some of it comes to us. So at the moment we have half a cake left and a freezer full of mozzarella.

We get surplus or stuff that asylum seekers don't eat.
permalink cool
now get your tv show commissioned