thread AQ: hippos
Luckily, he knew first aid and was able to seal the wounds in my chest with the wrapper from a tray of snacks, which almost certainly stopped my lungs from collapsing and saved my life.


permalink I wonder what the melting point of hippo is?
. I just had a salt beef bagel from brick lane for lunch as I cycled down under the pretext of buying a new bike bell.

It was great... I should have bought 2.
permalink I certainly never covered snack wrappers
in my Brownies first aid course.
permalink ps. jealous
permalink Jesus fucking christ.
"time passes very slowly when you're in a hippo's mouth."
permalink PS - Al/Amy
We must have a beer soon.. I have a bag of Canadian cat madness for you...
permalink oh yes, good point.
we are up in haggisland next weekend, (watching the tour of britain come into Kirkcudbright if meepmeep is heading down that way?)

could do a midweek pint perhaps?
permalink Sometime next week should work...
Stay in touch.
permalink indeed.
I dont think i've got anything booked.

permalink This week is a mess
Next week less so.
permalink Holy fuck
I nearly spat my coffee out at that bit.