thread Fuck's sake,
but arguing with Americans for free health care is uphill work. What a shower of ignorant, selfish cunts.

Even the ones whose Dad needed a couple of years of cancer care and didn't have insurance and ended up dying and the family had to sell their *fucking house* and now live in a shithole to pay for the hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of bills. They still didn't agree with 'fucking socialistic theiving' ie. taxes.

Fucking ignorant CUNTS.
permalink never wrestle a pig
you get muddy and the pig enjoys it
permalink This.
Though it is very easy to wind the cunts up.
permalink Where was this idea before I beasically drove 7 hours to Scotland
To have a Brexit argument with my dad.

But now I'm in Kirkcudbright for the tour of britain
permalink how was it? (and the race)
couldn't really be bothered with the trip and the shenanigans of getting in and out of kirkcudbright, we went north and up a hill instead
permalink usually a good move
where were you?

I had a cracking day on the Ring of Steall last month, but I doubt I'll get any hill time until Christmas now...
permalink just up the road at Beinn Narnain (up the hard way, back the easy)
want to do the Ring of Steall, if I can persuade 'er uphills
permalink It's a fantastic day, weather permitting.
Epic, epic stuff. 4 munros and I think 3 munro tops, with some fantastic and slightly hairy aretes.

A long and strenuous day, with a pretty relentless initial ascent and a descent which is a bit grim after many hours on the hill. I did it solo, and the descent was a mental challenge without company to distract from it!

It's a monster. Magnificent.
permalink And who doesn't like a slightly hairy arete?
*waggles eyebrows*
permalink nice
we did the two to the west (Stob Ban and the other one) back in July

it's the descents that I struggle with, my poor knees

I think we're going to try and do some autumn/winter hills this year (probably at the easier end of the spectrum) - will let you know, if you fancy meeting up for a jaunt?
permalink The descent off Sgurr a'Mhaim is nasty. I was really struggling.
Especially knowing that when I got to the lower car park, I had 2 miles trek up the road to the upper car park where I started. People in larger groups leave a car at the lower car park...

I only manage to get up the mountains when I get a free day or two to myself in Scotland... so it's fairly infrequent. I'll almost certainly be planning something for the few days immediately before christmas if that's any use to you? I mostly walk solo, so it would be a pleasure to have some company...
permalink oh yes, a final road stagger is the pits
we're hoping to be not be going away at christmas, so that may be a definite possibility....
permalink It was grand and there was no real hassle getting into town
You just had to walk 200 yards.

It was good though.
permalink It wasn't the fact you had to walk 200 yds
It was that you then immediately had to walk 200 more
permalink and then fall down
outside the car door?
permalink I had a long discussion with a yank bloke years ago
genuinely couldn't understand it. "Mate, you don't have to buy insurance, a bit of your tax goes to it. Yes, and everyone else, but imagine you lose a leg, you don't pay for it, well you've possibly put some towards it. Like roads, you see? You don't pay for the road near your house, everybody chips in". And so on.
permalink I can't begin to understand
preferring to pay significant more for a system which will try not to pay out for your care than paying less for a system which treats everybody.
permalink Many of them object to it
because it's 'socialism', and that's a bad thing.
permalink I personally think
the bad rap for Universial Health Care is a Chinese conspiracy to weaken Americans.
Wake up Sheeple!
permalink in reality, though, Universal Healthcare is a conspiracy to weaken americans
but by the healthcare lobby rather than the Chinese

it really conflates two issues...the problem with the US system is not the absence of Universal Healthcare, there are plenty of countries with private insurance systems which somehow manage to get along fine without bankrupting people. ok, they're not quite as equitable as the NHS, but the US' problem is almost entirely down to unregulated price-gouging.

the idea that the only alternative is socialism is one that is pushed by the healthcare lobby in order to keep voters on their side, whereas they could keep the system they have, introduce proper price controls, and suddenly find that 95% of the population can afford decent healthcare and most of the issues disappear

the problem is that it is legal to charge $629 for a sticking plaster, not who is paying for it
permalink I know
but I'm counting on people that are susceptible to irrational health care fear, being also susceptible to irrational Chinese conspiracy theories.

Also I see you try to argue from the "little man perspective": You might get cancer one day, and then you will be happy to have HC.
Sure, that a no-brainer and sane thing to say.But have you tried arguing from the smug "rich man perspective"?
Here you go: Universal Healthcare is a luxury I like to afford. The luxury is not my own healthcare. The luxury is that I don't see people dying on the streets on my way to work. No beggingfor cancer treatment while I surf on facebook. This kind of misery just taints my day. And my country is so much nicer without it."
permalink You can also take the healthy workforce line
permalink Less down time,
more ruthless efficiency. I like that.
permalink Nah
In California, they’re gasping for it.
permalink Really?
This lot were Bible Belters, one of whom boasted that he had more guns than books.
permalink The countryside can get pretty Norfolk
But most people here live in the cities and have views that wouldn’t be that out of place in Western Europe, especially the younger people.
permalink Sadly the latest exchange has included a young Californian arsehole based in Arizona
calling me '... a beta Male cuck boy falling for the false song of socialism...' and telling me that '... you socialist[s] are truly the laziest of fucks...'
permalink I thought cuck
was only used by people that brand themselves as incels... In which case that guy has other problems. Also why are you still joining in?
permalink I'm not,
I told them all to cunt off a couple of hours ago.
permalink But you started
3 days ago
permalink It's only been sporadic.
Believe me, there's only so much ignorance I can take.
permalink I can sadly believe it
There are definitely some of them, especially the ones who grew up here and then moved to other right-leaning states. My brother in law grew up here and is an alt-right cunto in Washington DC these days.

California is more sensible in its views now, but was also home to Nixon, Reagan and Barry Goldwater. Thing began to turn around in the early 90s after the Republican governor decided to make life harder for latino people and people started to realise that was pretty cunty.
permalink I'm your governor Pete Wilson ya know/
The baddest governor to ever grab the mic and go
BOOOM / Gimme a budget and watch me hack it
permalink Ooh, hadn't come across
that before
permalink From this:-
permalink people are amazingly fick & i'm starting to regress to my earlier notions of the human race
in that they should all be wiped out and leave the planet to it

which shouldn't be hard as all kinds of amazingly deadly viruses are
being found in the russian planes that have been iced over
for millenia and are now starting to be released by the melt