thread Where was this idea before I beasically drove 7 hours to Scotland
To have a Brexit argument with my dad.

But now I'm in Kirkcudbright for the tour of britain
permalink how was it? (and the race)
couldn't really be bothered with the trip and the shenanigans of getting in and out of kirkcudbright, we went north and up a hill instead
permalink usually a good move
where were you?

I had a cracking day on the Ring of Steall last month, but I doubt I'll get any hill time until Christmas now...
permalink just up the road at Beinn Narnain (up the hard way, back the easy)
want to do the Ring of Steall, if I can persuade 'er uphills
permalink It's a fantastic day, weather permitting.
Epic, epic stuff. 4 munros and I think 3 munro tops, with some fantastic and slightly hairy aretes.

A long and strenuous day, with a pretty relentless initial ascent and a descent which is a bit grim after many hours on the hill. I did it solo, and the descent was a mental challenge without company to distract from it!

It's a monster. Magnificent.
permalink And who doesn't like a slightly hairy arete?
*waggles eyebrows*
permalink nice
we did the two to the west (Stob Ban and the other one) back in July

it's the descents that I struggle with, my poor knees

I think we're going to try and do some autumn/winter hills this year (probably at the easier end of the spectrum) - will let you know, if you fancy meeting up for a jaunt?
permalink The descent off Sgurr a'Mhaim is nasty. I was really struggling.
Especially knowing that when I got to the lower car park, I had 2 miles trek up the road to the upper car park where I started. People in larger groups leave a car at the lower car park...

I only manage to get up the mountains when I get a free day or two to myself in Scotland... so it's fairly infrequent. I'll almost certainly be planning something for the few days immediately before christmas if that's any use to you? I mostly walk solo, so it would be a pleasure to have some company...
permalink oh yes, a final road stagger is the pits
we're hoping to be not be going away at christmas, so that may be a definite possibility....
permalink It was grand and there was no real hassle getting into town
You just had to walk 200 yards.

It was good though.
permalink It wasn't the fact you had to walk 200 yds
It was that you then immediately had to walk 200 more
permalink and then fall down
outside the car door?