thread Nah
In California, they’re gasping for it.
permalink Really?
This lot were Bible Belters, one of whom boasted that he had more guns than books.
permalink The countryside can get pretty Norfolk
But most people here live in the cities and have views that wouldn’t be that out of place in Western Europe, especially the younger people.
permalink Sadly the latest exchange has included a young Californian arsehole based in Arizona
calling me '... a beta Male cuck boy falling for the false song of socialism...' and telling me that '... you socialist[s] are truly the laziest of fucks...'
permalink I thought cuck
was only used by people that brand themselves as incels... In which case that guy has other problems. Also why are you still joining in?
permalink I'm not,
I told them all to cunt off a couple of hours ago.
permalink But you started
3 days ago
permalink It's only been sporadic.
Believe me, there's only so much ignorance I can take.
permalink I can sadly believe it
There are definitely some of them, especially the ones who grew up here and then moved to other right-leaning states. My brother in law grew up here and is an alt-right cunto in Washington DC these days.

California is more sensible in its views now, but was also home to Nixon, Reagan and Barry Goldwater. Thing began to turn around in the early 90s after the Republican governor decided to make life harder for latino people and people started to realise that was pretty cunty.
permalink I'm your governor Pete Wilson ya know/
The baddest governor to ever grab the mic and go
BOOOM / Gimme a budget and watch me hack it
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that before
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