thread in reality, though, Universal Healthcare is a conspiracy to weaken americans
but by the healthcare lobby rather than the Chinese

it really conflates two issues...the problem with the US system is not the absence of Universal Healthcare, there are plenty of countries with private insurance systems which somehow manage to get along fine without bankrupting people. ok, they're not quite as equitable as the NHS, but the US' problem is almost entirely down to unregulated price-gouging.

the idea that the only alternative is socialism is one that is pushed by the healthcare lobby in order to keep voters on their side, whereas they could keep the system they have, introduce proper price controls, and suddenly find that 95% of the population can afford decent healthcare and most of the issues disappear

the problem is that it is legal to charge $629 for a sticking plaster, not who is paying for it
permalink I know
but I'm counting on people that are susceptible to irrational health care fear, being also susceptible to irrational Chinese conspiracy theories.

Also I see you try to argue from the "little man perspective": You might get cancer one day, and then you will be happy to have HC.
Sure, that a no-brainer and sane thing to say.But have you tried arguing from the smug "rich man perspective"?
Here you go: Universal Healthcare is a luxury I like to afford. The luxury is not my own healthcare. The luxury is that I don't see people dying on the streets on my way to work. No beggingfor cancer treatment while I surf on facebook. This kind of misery just taints my day. And my country is so much nicer without it."
permalink You can also take the healthy workforce line
permalink Less down time,
more ruthless efficiency. I like that.