thread We went for a pint this afternoon
In the bogs there was an original advert above the urinal for "hogs of war" on the PlayStation... Which was released in 2000

I'm amazed the ad had lasted that long, I mean 19 years before that poster was out up, the Falkland war hadn't happened. I wonder at what point you have to contact some museum.

EDIT: Also in the same pub the couple next to us were going through travel agents brochures to choose their holiday.. i didn't think they still printed them
permalink Where was this?
permalink I am zooming south on a new LNER Azuma.
Except we're going from Edinburgh to Newcastle via Carlisle because of major work on the ECML.

So a 6 hour 18 minute journey tonight...
permalink Impressive.
Maybe the landlord likes his retro gaming?
permalink there's a coffee shop round the corner from me
that has Tony Hawks 2 set up next to the counter so you can have a quick round while you wait for your brew

I don't seem to have the skills I had 20 years ago
permalink *cough*
Tony Hawk's

not Tony Hawks

unless he's fallen on hard times and that ain't a joystick.
permalink Or is dragging a fridge
round Ireland
permalink I'm trying to convince curry's
That they should have a retro console set up in the kitchen department for bored kids / husband
permalink The North star in leytonstone
Good pub, and has had a refurb
permalink Excellent pub that.
Used to drink there a lot when my mates lived out there.
permalink Must try it.
Not outrageously far for us.
permalink It's very good
permalink went to the Blake exhbition
at Tate Britain, which was nice
permalink Because of resting gammy ankle
I did not do any exercise, but I did do all teh weeding

And we went to see Ad Astra. Which was OK, not great, not terrible. Apart from the usual well dodgy physics, which seem par for the course in sci fi these days
permalink we're going to a school "fun" day on Friday
Warwick Davies is going to be there.

Wasn't Hogs of War shit?

In the late 80s/early 90s there was a punk band called Frogs of War.

/end communiqué
permalink This is quality content.
permalink I am edumacated
Although I had to google Hogs of War.

But I'm all for Warwick Davies content
permalink I'll try and get a picture of/with him
permalink I have a dentist appointment at 2:30
I have waited all my life for this day
permalink I like this,
permalink Good for you
permalink I see stereotypes about British teeth
didn't lie to me.
permalink or the ones about the german sense of humour
permalink Is that what happened to the pub from Goodnight Sweetheart?