thread Word of the day: appurtenances
Read form a quote for a pool designer

I'm not sure I want anyone's appurtenances in a swimming pool

permalink The filthy bastard
permalink that's your word of the day, every day.
permalink It's certainly one of them.
permalink Yesterday's phrase of the day was
eat a bag of dicks
permalink punting on saturday
has left me with a knackered right wrist
permalink *scratches chin*
i see

sticking to that story are we?
permalink I like this.
Good for me.
permalink I am fully aware
permalink In curry's staff have a tablet
which gives them access to product information and stock count. It also now allows us to sell from the tablet, which seems like a slightly surreal shipping experience that doesn't involve going to the till our walking away with anything, but having spent quite a lot.

Edit: Steve Davis (him from the snooker) is in a band called The Utopia Strong. You should check it out if you haven't already.
permalink He's also quite a tasty
club DJ. Plays all techno and house, at the right speed and all.
permalink Indeed, who knew he'd turn out to be quite interesting after all
The new band is with Kavus from Cardiacs and Gong, with whom he also does a load of prog DJing too
permalink I've met him a few times at Cardiacs related
japes, nice bloke. Even he calls the old days 'the interesting ones'. There's a pic of me, him and William D. Drake at a Spratleys Japs gig a couple of years ago :)
permalink I hope you were pulling your best
Len Ganley stance!
permalink Snookerstar DJ!
permalink +1
permalink Here we go!
permalink A conversation this morning with a millennial colleague
who thinks everyone older than her, especially those with grey hair, are all the same shade of Old.

“So do you remember the Cuba missile thingy? Must have been scary thinking nuclear war was about to break out.”

“No, it happened before I was born.”

“Did it? I thought it was in the 70s”

“No, October 1962. A year before I was born.”

“Oh, you were born in 1963. Do you remember the Kennedy assassination?”

“Of course not, I was a 5 weeks old when he was killed.”

“I thought he died in the 80s.”

Fortunately my phone rang at that stage.
permalink "that was the film JFK"
was your next response obviously

permalink I’m going to tell her some lies
next time I bump into her at a tea point. The Thatcher assassination, for instance, and how Churchill defeated Napoleon.
permalink The IRA bombing St Pauls
Then Norman Foster rebuilding an exact copy.
permalink No predictions about 2020 please.
permalink in a similar vein
I've been amazed by the number of people talking about this incredible Chernobyl disaster thing they never knew about, who are old enough to have been aware of it when it happened
permalink maybe they were standing a bit too close to it when it happened

glasgow was in the route of the fallout i guess
permalink my 5-year-old is convinced that I was alive at the same time as dinosaurs
although she's also adamant that the Mr Men books are about real people, so I'm not sure I trust her judgement.
permalink I'm beginning to loathe the little miss books.
They lack the charm of the felt tip Mr Men books, nearly all make no effort at a story and a lot of them have a terrible message. Little Miss Curious, for example, is really negative about curiosity.

And when they interact with another character is almost always a Mr man, not another little miss.
permalink I'm with you on that
there's a couple that are fun, but most are shit.
permalink bet half of them are printed on vegan paper as well
permalink I don't think it's that she's a millennial.
It's that she's a thicko.
permalink Huzzah,
Chris Morris is back.