thread I entranced them with talk of heat networks,
wowed them with discussion of net-positive interventions for the fuel poor, dazzled them with figures on the hydrogen economy and the path to zero emissions

and then I got a bit flummoxed when they asked me lots of things about building performance standards I didn't really know

there were also a few scandinavians there, which meant a few raised eyebrows following me talking about amazing new projects using European Regional Development Funding that are basically doing stuff they've had since the 70s
permalink thermal perfomance of new builds is not
terrible nowadays, scandinavians look like they have more insulation but the uk went fairly far on that, then focussed on air tightness.. which is not terrible.

but obviously they must be looking at older glasgow buildings and wondering what part of beirut we imported them from
permalink this was in Clydebank of all places
(which to be fair is a hell of a lot nicer than Clydebank 10 years ago)

me: ...and we're taking waste heat from local industrial processes and using it to supply heat to local social housing via an underground network of pipes! All paid for by all of you lovely people.

Danish municipal delegate: uh huh.
permalink there are still industrial processes in clydebank?
who knew
permalink well
there's an industrial-scale chippy
permalink At the other end of the spectrum....
I’m just grabbing a bite before heading into Westminster Abbey for my 3rd consecutive evening shift. 9th in the last three weeks.

It’s well weird when there are just my colleague and I, two electricians, and a bloke practicing on the organ...