thread I'm off to Rotterdam for a conference.
Better finish my paper.

I haven't done this event for a few years. Rather hoping it's grown up a bit.
permalink i'm going to gdansk
fortunately this time i avoid 4 hours of driving to the factory, just going to the city.
permalink I had a meeting with a polish property developer and their architect
One man arrived in a Jag with a sharp suit, the other was wearing a cravat.... I didn't need to ask which was which.

The architect sounded like he'd learned English from someone in the landed gentry.
permalink Eurostar?
or overnight Stena Line?

If the answer is "by air" then reconsider?
permalink And in the real world... fuck off.
Too late to reconsider as I'm here now. LCY-Rotterdam.

I had to make this as quick as possible to fit in with other work commitments.

Train was possible in theory but times didn't work (it takes 5 hours on the train plus the faff time at St Pancras.. I did it in half that door to door) and the train was stupidly STUPIDLY expensive.

I can't dedicate the time for the overnight ferry, plus I'd have to get to Harwich, which is another hour and a half train from Liverpool St.

Trains need to become competitive costwise. You know I always train to Scotland and back.. haven't flown that in years. Despite my years of frequent flying, I am very much pro-train if at all possible.

Love you, Al, but in the friendliest possible way... fuck off.
permalink Ha ha!
I wouldn't recommend trying that in NZ either...
permalink I'll just back into this hedge here
permalink Back of a fridge lorry via essex
Then please reconsider.
permalink Oooft...
permalink I've been awarded £1250 of EU grant money
towards buying a plotter and wide format scanner.

Here'e hoping I don't need to get that spent by mid next week...
permalink I'll sell you one
...(might not be all that wide)
permalink Everyone has a 36" plotter installed in their kitchen, don't they?
I'm not doing anything unusual or weird, just to avoid driving into Chesterfield for scanning and printing, am I?
permalink whats the scanner for? or do plotters just come with that nowadays?
I was just going to buy 3 cheap a4 scanners and tape them together....

I've not handled a drawing over a3 in about a year.

i take it you have bluebeam by the way?
permalink I draw housing estate layouts by hand at 1:500 on A0 trace
It's by far the quickest way to get through them, but it does turn into an epic arseache without a big scanner.

The scanner is 60% of the cost of the scanner.
permalink alright confucius, but philosophical that.

permalink Yes,
a graph of the cost of the scanner in proportion to the overall cost of the scanner resembles a conch shell.
permalink Just draw the plans
at 1:1000. Simples!
permalink As configured
Although it is reel to reel, the printer I work with will do a max of 800x333mm for any individual image.

However as it can do that with zero gap between images, and it can handle variable data, clever design could get you a single image 2000000x333mm
permalink wide-screen
permalink Indeed
Not of course what it's designed to do
permalink Paying for scanning nd printing is ludicrously expensive anyway.
It'll pay its way.

Conference Talk in an hour's time. I'm going to be in the FUCKING HUGE room.

If people get bored, we can just push the chsirs to the sides and have a game of football.
permalink Our tame student is watching Mr Robot,
which means I'm catching bits of it. I'm rather enjoying it, missing huge chunks of indeterminate length adds to the mystery.

I just went to the kitchen and the episode she's on is in 80s sitcom style and features ALF.
permalink In Other News,
a new mix.